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This bundle was created from one of our best-selling products, The Wolf Method. It includes sections from the e-book that are suited for your specific needs for a more affordable price!

The Get Pregnant Now Bundle is best for women who have been struggling to get pregnant for any amount of time. It explains unique and little known methods for trying on your own that work...and work fast. It also explores what to consider before going to a fertility doctor and the best ways to find one that's right for you.


The Western System: Tips You Have to Know Before Calling the Fertility Doctor

This system will ultimately help you to get a quicker, more accurate diagnosis and hopefully prevent you from having to go to a fertility clinic. Realistically, some diagnoses require visits to a fertility clinic. If that is the case, with the Western System, you’ll reach a diagnosis in a fraction of the time...and find the right doctor and clinic for you.

The DIY Plan: 5 Easy, Little Known Tricks to Try Before Seeing a Doctor

This chapter is an at-home starter kit in how to further increase your odds of getting pregnant before turning to medications and procedures used in Western medicine. These are non-invasive, simple ways that can help you get pregnant faster.

The Breeze Way: Relax and Rev Up Your Relationship

Let's face it, stress is just a part of life. But did you know that it can affect female fertility? Top that off with trying to get pregnant adding to that stress and you've got yourself a perfect storm. The Breeze Way can help. It includes the 9 most important and effective ways you can relieve stress and improve your relationship.