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This bundle was created from one of our best-selling products, The Wolf Method. It includes sections from the e-book that are suited for your specific needs for a more affordable price!

The Stay Pregnant & Have a Healthy Baby Bundle is best for women who are struggling to get pregnant and stay pregnant. The methods included in this book can help to improve egg quality, regulate ovulation, and increase implantation rates, all while relieving stress and improving your relationship!


The European System: 7 Vitamins Proven to Get Pregnant and Stay Pregnant

So many women forget that along with the importance of natural dietary changes, comes the important need for fertility vitamins. The average diet misses out on these important fertility boosters. Many women who have trouble getting pregnant and staying pregnant find a massive change in results once they take the right vitamins and supplements. It can dramatically improve your egg quality and fertility, even with conditions like PCOS.

The Red Light Plan: 8 Changes You Have to Make to Get Pregnant

These other methods are helping you to learn about things to add to your routine to increase fertility, but you NEED to know what things are absolutely necessary to avoid. Every bite you take, every drink you sip is either fighting disease or feeding it.

The Breeze Way: Relax and Rev Up Your Relationship

Let's face it, stress is just a part of life. But did you know that it can affect female fertility? Top that off with trying to get pregnant adding to that stress and you've got yourself a perfect storm. The Breeze Way can help. It includes the 9 most important and effective ways you can relieve stress and improve your relationship.